This is Meggan.


Meggan Kaiser is a writer who throws excitement into her life now and then by being a ham.

Usually she gets to be herself as a host or spokeswoman, but you may have seen her featured in over 20 national and international commercials or taking the stage in the Los Angeles comedy scene when she’s in town.

Although she grew up on a big farm in a rather small town, she was able to travel a lot, and maybe all of that is what influenced her to get a degree in International Business & Marketing at the University of Georgia. Since university, she’s played around with specialty food in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, spent a couple years working in over 13 countries in exchange for room and board, soaked in the SoCal sun, and found suitable solitude in the Santa Fe high desert.

She can also make a mean goat cheese.

Find her blog at RoadWritten and hit her up on Twitter.



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